€45,000 awarded to Child in Severed Finger Compensation Action


Following an accident at a Donegal hotel that left a then two-year-old child with a serious finger injury, a compensation award of €45,000 has been approved at Letterkenny Circuit Court.

The accident in question took place in the Allingham Arms Hotel in Bundoran in July 2016 when the child was just two years old. Letterkenny Circuit Court was told that the child got his hand caught in a doorway and the top four millimetres of his finger were severed off in the course of the accident. The child, who is now four-years-old, was rushed to Sligo Regional Hospital before being transferred to a different hospital in Northern Ireland for further treatment.

The child, who cannot be named by order of the court, had to undergo a plastic surgery procedure in order to ensure that there was no lasting cosmetic damage to the limb. The court was told that the injury will have no adverse effect on the child’s dexterity and will not hinder him from any potential employment in the future. The injury was inflicted on his left hand and the child is right handed.

Letterkenny Circuit Court and presiding Judge John Aylmer was told that the child had suffered from some trauma due to the incident at the hotel in Bundoran. In the time period following the accident he had long periods where he experienced interrupted sleep. Thankfully, the child has not suffered from any lasting psychological issues and is no longer self conscious about the injury on his left-hand finger.

Judge Aylmer approved the €45,000 child hotel injury compensation award in relation to the accident that occurred at the Allingham Arms in Bundoran and the injuries suffered by the child.