Boy (5) Who Witnessed Mother’s Serious Injuries in Glass Panel Accident Awarded €20,000


A boy, aged 5, has been awarded a personal injury compensation sum of €20,000 after he saw his mother suffering serious injuries and covered in blood after she hit against a pane of glass when he was just 15-months-old.

The boy’s team representatives, told the Circuit Civil Court that in December 2014 Jude Johnson-Rice was with his mother at Terenure College Rugby Football Club. It was here that he saw his mother Jill being seriously injured after she walked into a clear glass pane by mistake. She said that there was not sufficient warning signs present.

Even though the child did not directly see the accident happen or the glass shattering, he (Jude) had been very distressed to witness his mother covered in blood. Defendants Panda Play Café Limited and Terenure College Rugby Football Club had already agreed a €20,000 personal injury compensation settlement with the Jude’s claim and it was before the court for approval.

The legal representatives for the rugby club argued that the young boy had not sustained any recognised psychiatric injury. They also claimed that Jude’s mother had not taken him for medical treatment until two years after the incident happened despite her arguments that her child had remained very nervous and anxious for six months after the incident.

After negotiations were held between both legal teams, Jude’s solicitor John Murphy told the defendants court that – if they denied liability – they could incur further serious costs following inspections and the provision of cctv footage.  After these negotiations a personal injury compensation offer had been made.

According to Judge Garavan, while no recognised psychiatric illness was diagnosed for Jude, there were many cases that he hear in court that did not measure up to post traumatic stress disorder. He gave his approval for the personal injury compensation offer.